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Danang Port Authority

Functions, duties, powers

Posted April 20, 2024 By admin

he Danang Maritime Port Administration is an agency under the Vietnam Maritime Administration, performing the task of state management of navigation at the Danang seaport and assigned management areas. With the functions, duties and powers specified in the Vietnam Maritime Code as follows:

1. To participate in formulating seaport development plannings and plans in the areas under its management and implementation supervision after it is approved by competent state agencies.

2. Organize the implementation of regulations on management of maritime operations at seaports and areas under their management; inspect and supervise navigational channels and signaling systems; inspect maritime operations of organizations and individuals at seaports and areas under their management.

3. Licensing and supervising ships arriving, departing and operating at seaports; do not allow ships to enter or leave ports without the necessary conditions for maritime safety, maritime security, maritime labor and prevention of environmental pollution.

4. To assume the prime responsibility for coordinating maritime traffic activities at seaports and areas under their management.

5. To comply with the decision of the competent State body to arrest a ship.

6. Temporary ship detention.

7. To assume the prime responsibility for organizing the search and rescue of people in distress in seaport waters; mobilize necessary people and means to search, rescue or handle environmental pollution incidents.

8. To organize the registration of ships and crew when assigned by competent agencies; collect, manage and use all types of seaport fees and charges according to the provisions of law.

9. To organize the implementation of maritime inspection, investigate and handle according to its competence marine accidents at seaports and areas under its management.

10. To assume the prime responsibility for, and direct the coordination of activities between state management agencies at seaports.

11. To sanction administrative violations in the maritime domain according to their competence.